Herbal authentication is an important aspect of herbal efficacy, safety, and liability in today's global marketplace. It also has an important impact on the quality of manufactured finished herbal products and their quality in terms of efficacy.

Avoiding unwanted herb-drug interaction is another important aspect of clinical safety. Knowing which herbs may induce an adverse event when taken together with certain drugs is a clinician's role.

Not only do clinical results depend on proper herbal authentication and the avoidance of unwanted herb-drug interaction but, so does the safety of your patients.

Learn about herbal authentication, sourcing, and important herb-drug interactions from two leading experts in the field.
Wu-Chang Chuang
Greg Sperber
Correct herbal species identification
Herbal quality assessment
Common harmful adulterants used in the herbal market
Herbal quality control methods
Herbal sourcing and its implications on final product quality
Methods of quality auditing used by manufacturing companies
Basics of pharmacology
Application of pharmacology principles to predicting drug-herb interactions
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