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How to successfully register as a member? What is the benefit of being a member?


How to successfully register as a member? 

Please follow the "process of successful registration" shown below.


Whats the benefit of being a member?

  • Sun Ten E-newsletter is issued on a monthly basis, which brings you important TCM industry news & events, professional TCM researches, interesting TCM articles, and latest Sun Ten news.    Issues:  Jan 2011   Dec 2010   Nov 2010  Oct 2010
  • Access to in-depth introduction of TCM formulas from Commonly Used Chinese Herb Formulas with Illustrations. (includes formulation, traditional & modern indications, herbs & actions, clinical applications, cautions and contraindications, and formulas differentiation)
  • Access to Sun Ten Quarterly Newsletter Archive (includes TCM clinical articles, experience sharing from practitioners, herbs cultivation site inspection report, and quality control of herbs.)
  • H1N1 special report to instruct you how to prevent H1N1 with TCM


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