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Sun Ten Present Its Popular Herbal Supplement at Natural MarketPlace 2008
Taipei, Taiwan-August 1, 2008- This July, over thousands of natural products professionals gathered in Las Vegas for one of the long-established trade show, Natural MarketPlace 2008. Chosen this specialized trade show, Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd presents its hottest product, Cool Vital Mover, the most popular traditional Chinese formula to calm customers down.

Cool Vital Mover, the Chinese' secret to pass menopause

On July 18-19, nearly 100 degree Fahrenheit, hundreds of visitors crowded in Sun Ten's booth. All they interested were Cool Vital Mover, the secret of Chinese pass menopause. The formula was from a book called, Shanghan Zabing Lun, the foundation of traditional Chinese Medicine. This book's writer, Zhang Zhong-jing established the traditional Chinese mediciation principle around 1,800 years ago. It has been proved by modern science of the cure for menopause.
Do you know, "more than 1.3 million women become menopausal each year in the U.S., adding to the existing 40 million American women of menopausal age who are already going through various neuroendocrine and somatic changes. Those changes may frequently be accompanied by symptoms of insomnia such as waking up during the night and difficulty falling back to sleep, particularly in the presence of hot flashes," said Claudio N. Soares, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences, McMaster University and Co-Director, Women's Health Concerns Clinic at St. Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton, Canada.

Buleurum Chinese DC., authentic herb only grows in Asia

According to PHARMACOPAEIA OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLISC OF CHINA, V.1, 2005, the main herb of Cool Vital Mover is Bupleurum, locally known as "Chaihu柴胡" in China. It is a traditionally important herb used in the treatment of moon swing and hot flashes. It is a dried root of Bupleurum Chinese DC. that only growth in Asia. It has been collected specially in spring or autumn. Taking Cool Vital Mover, you will feel calm from inside out even in the desert.

Pet. Calm, calms pet in a tasty way

Human beings is not the only species been cooled by Sun Ten. Furry friends will not be absent in the show. Using traditional Chinese formula, Pet.Calm, Sun Ten latest pet supplement for dogs let them behavior themselves even while owners are out. For months' researches, Sun Ten provides health and tasty supplement for your loyal friends. Let pets grow old with their owners is Sun Ten 's wish.

Sun Ten was founded in 1946 to dedicate itself fully to the research and development of innovative herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine products in an attempt to advance human health and to improve the quality of life.  Today, Sun Ten has become a leading manufacturer of herbal products and offer a range of safe, high Quality, and efficient herbal supplements for both human and pet health conscious consumer


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Don't Panic.....Take it Easy! Meet us at Natural MarketPlace2008 Booth #530 in Las Vegas, July 18-19.
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