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Part Used: Root
Energy: Mild, cold
Taste: Sweet, bitter
Channel Entered: Heart, Lung, Kidney
  • Cleanse yin
  • Moisten dryness
  • Remove heat
  • Resolve phlegm
  • Increase salivation
  • Quenche thirst
  • Moisten lungs
  • Control cough
Mai Men Dong (Mai Dong)
Radix Ophiopogonis
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Cough due to lung yin deficiency, body fluids deficiency due to febrile diseases, fidgets and restlessness worse at night, insomnia, palpitations, thirst, dry cough, cough blood, sticky hard to expectorated phlegm, dry throat, hematemesis, constipation due to dryness.
Package: Granules=100g per bottle