Traditional Chinese Medicine Going Global with New Alliance

Traditional Chinese Medicine Going Global with New Alliance


In Beijing, China, an industry alliance has been launched to promote advocate traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) globally.  Members of the alliance include academic and governmental organizations and pharmaceutical companies.


Many countries have recognized the benefits of TCM in the treatments of conditions, and the number is on the rise.  Nowadays, TCM is available in over 160 nations worldwide.


Interests and recognition mainly focus on traditional therapies.  For example, acupuncture and tui-na massage are far more popular than TCM.  Thus, TCM industry needs more promotion.


TCM refer to the use of natural herbs.  In clinical application, single herb medicine and combination formulas are used to treat illnesses according to the patients’ pattern and symptoms.  Formulas are mixtures of medicinal herbs (at least two kinds).  In the western world, formulas are usually recognized only as “dietary supplement or herbal supplement”; despite a well-proven efficacy in Chinese cultural circle for thousands of years. 



In recent years, the global markets for TCM have been increasing at an annual rate of 10~20%.  Take Singapore for example, the statistic figures indicate that TCM products imported from China leapt by 74% since 2007.  These imports are now valued at 50.1 million U.S. dollars.  The demand has grown steadily over for the recent decade, when more strict industry regulations in China and Singapore have built up and boosted consumer confidence.


Consequently, the top priority is the establishment of a TCM industry alliance to promote TCM applications and facilitate the globalization of the TCM industry.  This is a big step forward for the TCM industry and will assist with the popularization of TCM around the world.



Note: The data are from two news articles from People’s Daily Online, released in August, 2010.





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