SHI JIN MO DUI YAO - Art of Combining Medicinals According To Master Shi Jin Mo

施今墨對藥 Shi Jin Mo Dui Yao

Art of Combining Medicinals According To Master Shi Jin Mo

One of the major symptoms of MS is pain. Below are several effective combinations of medicinals:


    • Yan Hu Suo: Acrid, bitter and warm. Dissipates, warms and frees the flow. Enters both blood and qi aspect. Quickens blood and dispels stasis, and disinhibits qi and alleviates pain. 
    • Chuan Lian Zi: Bitter and cold. Overcomes dampness and drains heat. Courses the liver and discharges heat, and resolves depression and alleviates pain.

Together, they discharge heat and eliminate dampness, course the liver and move qi, and quicken the blood and alleviate pain.

    • Dang Gui: Sweet, acrid and warm. Warms, moves and moistens. Nourishes, quickens and harmonises the blood. Disperses swelling. Quickens the blood and alleviates pain, and emolliates the liver and alleviates pain.
    • Chuan Xiong: Acrid, warm. Dissipates, dries. Can both ascend to the head and eyes, and descend to the sea of blood (uterus). Quickens the blood, moves qi, dispels wind and stops pain.

Together, they move qi and quicken blood without damaging blood, dispel stasis and alleviate pain. Also, they nourish blood without creating or exacerbating stasis.

    • Bai Shao: Bitter, sour, faintly cool. Nourishes blood and benefits yin, softens the liver, relaxes tension and stops pain.
    •  Gan Cao: Sweet, neutral. Supplements centre qi and strengthens the spleen, relaxes tension and alleviates pain.

Thus, in combination these two herbs harmonise liver and spleen, nourish the sinews and relax the muscles. This combination of herbs is found in Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang [Peony and Licorice Combination], indicated for pain (especially pain due to muscle spasm) in patterns of liver yin vacuity with  mild spleen vacuity. Used for any type of pain connected to (liver) blood vacuity or yin vacuity. Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang is often used as a general muscle relaxant and added to other formulas when there is pain present.

 *Reproduced with kind permission from Health World Limited - Australia and New Zealand

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