Chinese and Western Medicine Cooperate to Fight Cancer

Chinese and Western Medicine Cooperate to Fight Cancer

The recent clinical trial research shows that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) assists to relieve the pain and discomfort from radiation therapy and chemotherapy of cancer patients, and the result is quite positive.[1] This news gives Dr. Ping-xun Huang, a TCM doctor at Miaoli County’s Da Chien General Hospital, an idea that Chinese and Western medicine is complementary and has resulted in more effective therapy and prognosis for cancer patients.


Dr. Huang explained that TCM can help improve the human body’s constitution and boosting stamina, thereby alleviating post-surgical fatigue and infirmity, as well as the discomfort that patients encounter in the course of treatment. It also helps to restore patients’ energy.


The common side effects of radiation and chemotherapy include stomach discomfort, thirst, fatigue, irritation of the skin and ulcers. Taking TCM in conjunction with anti-cancer medications can reduce these side effects. Besides, the chances for a recurrence of the disease in patients will also be reduced.


Dr. Huang cited the example of a male patient undergoing radiation therapy to treat colorectal cancer. The man developed severe diarrhea, and the anti-diarrhea medications he was prescribed provided little benefit. However, the man's condition improved after he took TCM prescription.


Another case was a woman who had been in treatment for breast cancer for over a year and frequently encountered discomfort in her chest after chemotherapy, leading to chronic coughing, fatigue and blood in her phlegm. Taking TCM prescription for a month, it helped relieve these symptoms and enhance her energy accordingly. 


Dr. Huang further stated that late-stage cancer patients who are largely confined to bed or whose tumors have metastasized often ache all over. While the administration of pain medications has limited benefit for these patients, acupuncture therapy has been proven useful in helping to alleviate pain.


Chinese and Western medicine have various strengths in treatments respectively.  With appropriate combination applications of Chinese and Western medication in suitable patients, treatments will be more effective and safer during the combined therapy.


This article originally appeared in The Liberty Times Nov. 10.



[1] Scute & Licorice Combination Proved to Reduce the Side-Effects of Chemotherapy in Colon Cancer Patients

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