Traceability System Successfully Developed to Strengthen Quality of TCM

Traceability System Successfully Developed to Strengthen Quality of TCM

The first traditional Chinese medicine traceability system in China was successfully developed by the Chengdu University of TCM in November 2010.  This technology will solve long-term quality concerns in the international TCM market.


The traceability system utilizes complicated sensoring technology with 2-dimensional barcode.  Detailed information related to TCM products is recorded, such as cultivation, processing, lab testing, logistics, and distribution information.



With this traceability system, you can use a mobile device in combination with network system to find out the entire process of medicinal herbal materials from growing (farming), processing to circulation. Through specific sensors, the system can monitor the entire process of herbal medicine materials during the growth of temperature, humidity, light, and the application of fertilizer and pesticides. It makes a perfect combination between perception technology and GAP (good agricultural practice) standards of TCM.  The result will be accurately reflected in the platform of the website to assist the consumers with checking the reliability of the TCM products.


Currently, the new traceability system will be tested and applied to several large pharmaceutical companies, and then gradually roll out nationally.



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