Research: Sun Ten Scute Modulates Immunological Responses in Atopic Dermatitis


Effects of Scutellariae Radix and Aloe Vera Gel Extracts on Immunoglobulin E and

Cytokine Levels in Atopic Dermatitis NC/Nga Mice


Jinkyung Kim1, In seok Lee1, Soojin Park2, Ryowon Choue1,3


1Department of Medical Nutrition, Graduate School of East-West Medical Science, KyungHee University, Yongin-si,

Gyeonggi-do 446-701, Republic of Korea

2Department of Oriental Medical Food and Nutrition, Semyung University, 117 Semyung-ro, Jecheon,

Chungbuk, Republic of Korea

3Research Institute of Clinical Nutrition, KyungHee University, Dongdaemoon-gu, Seoul 130-701, Republic of Korea



Aim of the study: The present study aimed to investigate the effects of Scutellariae radix (SR) and Aloe vera gel (AV), alone or in combination, on levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE) and inflammatory cytokines in spontaneous atopic dermatitis(AD)-like skin lesions.


Materials and methods: After spontaneous AD-like skin lesion was developed by adaptation to conventional conditions, mice were randomly assigned to control, SR(50mg/kg,p.o.), AV(0.8mg/kg,p.o.) and SRAV (50mg of SR and 0.8mg of AV/kg, p.o.) groups, and were treated for 6weeks.


Results: SR and SRAV suppressed IL-5 levels compared with control, but had no effects on IgE levels (P < 0.05). AV increased IgE levels, but decreased both IL-5 and IL-10 compared with control (P < 0.05).


Conclusion: These results suggest that SR and AV modulate immunological responses in AD, mainly through influencing IL-5 or IL-10 levels.


Keywords: Atopic dermatitis, Aloe vera gel, Cytokines, IgE, Scutellariae radix

  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods:
    1. Materials: Water extract powder of SR was obtained from Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Taipei, Taiwan). Baicalin, baicalein and wogonin which were active substances of SR were 95.89±0.95mg (9.6%), 43.03±0.55mg (4.3%), 8.02±0.10mg (0.8%) per g, respectively, as a result of HPLC. AV was obtained from Namyang Co. (Chungbuk, Korea), which was ATIValoe® 200:1 powder concentrated under vacuum and produced by Aloecop Inc. (USA).
    2. Animals and diets
    3. Experimental groups
    4. Measurement of blood parameters
    5. Statistical analysis
  • Results
    1. Effects of Scutellariae radix and Aloe vera gel on plasma IgE levels
    2. Effects of Scutellariae radix and Aloe vera gel on cytokine release
  • Discussion
  • References

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