TCM Formulas for Men with Infertility

TCM Formulas for Men with Infertility

With a success rate of less than 50%, Western drug treatments used to restore fertility are quite expensive and not always covered by insurance policies.  The sad truth is that not even half of the couples with fertility issues can afford to go to specialized clinic or following the indicated treatment.  This is why lately there has been an increased interest in more traditional methods of curing infertility.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has encountered an amazing boost over the past few years and more and more people are interested now in using natural methods instead of drugs or invasive surgeries.



Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a topic of interest nowadays.  Both men and women with infertility can try different remedies that may help restoring the balance in their reproductive system.  TCM treatment especially has a series of natural solutions for this kind of issues.  There are several TCM formulas recommended for men with infertility.


Diagnosis Patterns & Commonly Used Formulas for Men’s Infertility:

  1. Blood Stasis due to Qi Stagnation: Cnidium & Bulrush Combination (Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang)



  1. Introduction of the Infertility Herbs by Brion Research Institute of Taiwan

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