Drinking the Right Tea Helps Lower Blood Pressure


Drinking the Right Tea Helps Lower Blood Pressure



Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch traditional Chinese medicine department head Dr. Chao-Zong Chen points out that patients diagnosed with the first stages of high pressure should start improving their condition with a high calcium, high fiber diet. Progressively, patients should plan to lose weight, exercise, get enough sleep and then fine-tune their diet to best control their high blood pressure. If high blood pressure continues to be a problem after a significant amount of effort, only then should medicine be the choice of therapy. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, then frequent blood pressure checks-ups should be made. Should your blood pressure ever become abnormally high, medication should be immediately taken and check-ups on all of your organs should be made to assess whether this sudden change has injured your internal system. Drinking the right tea can help lower blood pressure. Liver and kidney deficient patients who suffer fatigue may consider drinking suitable levels of tea brewed of Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong), Taxilli (Sang Ji Sheng), and Cyathulae Root (Niu Xi).


From a TCM perspective, high blood pressure patients that suffer kidney and liver deficiency and fatigue should consider brewing a tea drink with 12 grams of Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong), 12 grams of Cyathulae Root (Niu Xi), and 15 grams of Taxilli (Sang Ji Sheng). Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong) and Cyathulae Root (Niu Xi) are both herbs that can both lower blood pressure and strengthen the tendons and bones, making them ideal remedies for these patients under a doctor’s supervision.


Taxilli (Sang Ji Sheng) is traditionally used to dispel dampness, tonify the liver and kidney, and strengthen the tendon and bones. Therefore, from a TCM perspective it is an extremely suitable remedy for relieving pain caused by dampness, balancing out liver and kidney qi deficiency, and alleviating waist and knee pain. Pubescent Angelica Root (Du Huo) and Cyathulae Root (Niu Xi) is often used as combinations, but they are only supplemental in nature to Taxilli’s (Sang Ji Sheng) healing properties. When it comes to waist and knee pains and feet and knee fatigue, Taxilli (Sang Ji Sheng) is an essential medicine to tonify the liver and kidney, with especially effective results for the elderly, women who have liver and kidney deficiency caused by excessive vaginal discharge, and individuals who suffer from fatigue. In combination, Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong) and Dipsacus (Xu Duan) is often used.


Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong) has a warm property, sweet scent, slightly acrid taste, and hence is tonifying to the liver and kidney, beneficial to tendon and bone health, and effective in strengthening the body. When used with Taxilli (Sang Ji Sheng), the combination is especially effective in lowering blood pressure. However, to identify whether your constitution is suitable for these remedies, please consult a trained TCM practitioner for a diagnosis before using these remedies.

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