Sarawak Secures the 9th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Asia


Sarawak Secures the 9th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Asia


Over 1,000 specialists from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry globally are expected to converge in Kuching, Sarawak for the 9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM) from 10 - 11 November 2012. Kuching was chosen as the preferred destination by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine (WFCMS) following a competitive bid presentation by the Malaysian team in Kunming, China. Topics that will be covered over the four-day congress include the fundamental theory of TCM, acupuncture, moxibustation, tuina therapy as well as medical qigong. WCCM offers TCM community an unique interesting and the highest international academic exchange platform on the latest developments in the fields of Chinese Medicine. It has successfully organized seven congresses in UK, China, France, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and Australia since 2004.

According to Mr. Huang Jian Yin, Vice Secretary General and Associate Research Professor, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, “Malaysia’s successful bid for the WCCM is a recognition of Malaysia’s well-developed TCM industry as well as international advancements made to date. By year-end (2011), traditional medicines in Malaysia, including TCM is expected to be legalised by the government. An agreement has also been reached between the Malaysian and Chinese government to jointly develop a research centre on TCM in Malaysia as well as shaping Malaysia as the regional hub of TCM.”

For over a decade, TCM has played an important role in the Malaysian healthcare industry. An estimated 70 percent of the Malaysian population believes in and practices Chinese medication. Malaysia is home to approximately 7,000 TCM practitioners.


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