Officials Urge More Research for TCM in Singapore


Officials Urge More Research for TCM in Singapore



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has established a strong presence among the Chinese community, and is growing in standing as an alternative or complementary treatment among the non-Chinese community as well, Minister of State for Health, Amy Khor said yesterday.


However, Minister Khor noted that Singapore's research on TCM lags behind that in countries with a shorter history of TCM exposure. It may be partly because TCM practitioners here traditionally focus on practice rather than research.


Citing as examples scientific institutions in the United States and Australia, which are conducting TCM-related studies, she urged the TCM community to "look into niche areas of research which can reflect our unique multicultural background and local health-care settings". “More research should be done to raise awareness and elevate the standing of the industry.”


"Although TCM and Western medicine are etched in different philosophies, research findings can provide a common language for the public to understand which TCM therapies have been proven safe and effective," she said.


Research findings will also empower consumers to make informed choices when choosing medical treatment, she added.


TCM schools and Singapore Chinese Physicians’ association provide Continuing Education and Training for TCM practitioners the update knowledge and research. The principle of The Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Xiang Ping delivered a speech at the celebration of TCM doctor’s day which was organized by new Taipei city Chinese medicine association in Taiwan a week ago said “the college has had 2,600 graduates. These graduates are currently providing TCM treatment and healthcare to the public, contributing significantly to TCM development in the country.”



Source: Asia one news

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