Survey Finds 70% of Taiwanese Have Visited Chinese Medicine Clinics


Survey Finds 70% of Taiwanese Have Visited Chinese Medicine Clinics



According to the survey which is released by Common Health Magazine this June, one third of people have visited private Chinese medicine clinics (82.6%) in Taiwan, and most large hospitals have a Chinese medicine division. There are more than 6000 Chinese medicine physicians. The National Health care system (National Health Insurance) in Taiwan makes traditional medical care more affordable than that in western countries. The use of TCM has been reimbursed by the NHI since 1996.

Common Health Magazine, which had won the Excellence in Explanatory Reporting in 2008 Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) Awards competition, recently interviewed the president of Sun Ten, Hsueh-Ling Wang, on TCM. Wang said “pharmaceutical company needs to well understand the various factors that affect herbs quality from growing conditions. Therefore, it is important to monitor strictly and lower the possible risks. For example, the best ginseng is a minimum of six years old ginseng. However, sometimes ginsengs are easier to have some plant diseases due to insects and pests at 4 years old“.

The contracted suppliers are in charge of cultivation of qualified ginseng. Sun Ten has controlled from the origins to production for more than ten years.


Here are some basic tips that help to buy safe Chinese medicine products:

1. Read the label of products you buy to verify they are accessed by domestic government for quality and safety. Information on labels allows consumers to make an informed choice.

2. Shop your Chinese medicine product from reliable good manufacturer planet instead of unlicensed dealers.

3. Do not buy bleach herbs. Some vendors overused sulfur to make them as attractive as possible for sale. Fumigation with sulfur is carried out on moist herbs.


For the concern of the efficacy of TCM, “it is crucial to buy the products GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies that produce Chinese traditional remedies. Strict measures are in place to ensure the safety and consistency of raw material and the process of manufacturing.” said Hsueh-Ling Wang.


Raw herbs testing for purity and certificated manufacturing make the safe finished product.

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