Researchers Suggest Goji berry may Strengthen the Elderly’s Immune System

Researchers Suggest Goji berry may Strengthen the Elderly’s Immune System

The study, published in the scientific journal Rejuvenation research, is believed to be the largest randomized controlled clinical trial to examine the effect of wolfberry(goji berry) supplements on the immune response of the Elderly.


This population group who consume the goji berry in a milk-based formula may strengthen their ability to fight certain infection, according to a new study by Swiss multinational nutrition company Nestle. The company’s scientists giving healthy Chinese people aged 65 to 70 a daily supplement of “wolfberry”(goji berry) would enhance their immune response to a seasonal influenza vaccine.


The study found goji berry enabled the fruit’s natural antioxidants to be more easily available to the body after ingestion. “We believe this could translate into a clinical benefit, for example a reduce rate of respiratory infection,” said Dr.Karine Vidal, scientists from Switzerland. Half of 150 people who took part in the latest study were given wolfberry in a hot soup every day for three months. The half- the control group – were given a placebo. After the first month of supplementation all participants received a seasonal influenza vaccine. Scientists measured the level of influenza-specific antibodies in each participant before and after vaccination.


The outcomes of this study showed that while all participants had increased levels of influenza-specific antibodies after being vaccinated, those who had consumed wolfberry had a higher increase in antibodies than those in the control group, who had not. Dr. Vidal said “people’s natural ability to fight infection often declines as they age.”


Wolfberry, known as “goji berry”, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and food in Asia. They also increase the body’s blood flow aiding in the circulation of oxygen allowing for the growth of cells and tissue. Moreover, these berries also increase the body’s natural ability to handle stress. The fruit has gained attention in North America and Europe in recent years for its anti-ageing properties.


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