Lithospermum Ointment - for Burn and Cut (Sun Ten Journal, No. 2, March, 2004, Page 79-82 )

Abstract Translated by Sun Ten ITD: Skin is the natural defender of our body.  Different degree of burns will result in different degree of skin damages. The wounds can easily be infected by bacteria/virus, and sometimes a severe bacterial/viral infection can lead to death. Most of the frequently used drugs for burn treatment have severe side effects such as inhibiting the skin cell generation, reducing the growth of white blood cell and damaging immune system.  Lithospermum Ointment has been used for a long time and has been proven beneficial in treating burns and safe for long term use without side effects. Clinical studies have showed that Lithospermum Ointment can increase the growth of skin epithelium cell, and speed up the healing time.

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