SUN TEN Quarterly Newsletter Fall 2009: Exploration of New Applications for Treating Rhinopathy by Using Classic Formula: Pueraria Combination (Ge Gen Tang)

Exploration of New Applications for Treating Rhinopathy by Using Classic Formula: Pueraria Combination (Ge Gen Tang)

Author: Dr. He-Qian Song 

Pueraria Combination (Ge Gen Tang), is Gui Zhi Tang+Ge Gen+Ma Huang, has been widely used in treating rhinopathy for its following


1. Enhance vascular circulation, especially having significant effect on symptom with bluish-whitish nasal mucosa.

2. Warm and nourish the body. This is the effect of Cinnamon Combination

(Gui Zhi Tang).

3. Direct action on allergic reaction. This is also the effect of Cinnamon Combination (Gui Zhi Tang).

4. Vascular constriction of nasal mucosa is from the effect of Ephedra (Ma Huang). It quickly constricts mucosa and improves mucosal swelling.

5. Relax muscle tension, especially neck and shoulder muscle stiffness and pain caused by cold or rhinopathy.

6. Promote sweating, which can quickly relief fever. This

is a combine effect of Ephedra (Ma Huang) and Cinnamon

Combination (Gui Zhi Tang).


When long-term inflammation occurs in nasal mucosa,local cells gradually change into mast cells. These cells are full with histamine, serotonin, and other allergic substances. The circulation of mucosa worsens because of allergic substances occupied over half of the area.


Clinically, this will cause the mucosa to change its appearance, concha mucosa will become partially pale, erymatous, and glassy-like. This often accompanied by headache and neck stiffness, sometimes with very heavy shoulder sensation.


At this time, nasal mucosa as an extremity tissue, is at a state of ischemic and stasis. Therefore, treatment with Pueraria Combination (Ge Gen Tang) can quickly improve the ischemic condition and peripheral circulation.


The mechanism of Pueraria Combination (Ge Gen Tang) in improving circulation is through the vascular constriction effect of Ephedra (Ma Huang) by achieving increase blood flow purpose. Then use Cinnamon Combination (Gui Zhi Tang) to improve the coldness of extremities caused by poor vascular circulation and peripheral ischemia.


Pueraria Combination (Ge Gen Tang) has the similar function of warming and nourishing the body as Cinnamon Combination (Gui Zhi Tang). The Gui Zhi Tang in Ge Gen Tang can also relief body and tissue spasms, and quickly diluting allergic substances of nasal mucosa such as histamine into blood circulation through vascular constriction and promote sweating.

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