Sun Ten Premium Ginseng

Sun Ten Premium Ginseng 


Main Features

  • Laboratory tested for pesticide residues.
  • Laboratory tested for heavy metals.
  • Our ginseng is a minimum of 6 years old.
  • Our dedicated ginseng cultivation sites meet GAP standards.


Quality & Safety Control of Ginseng


China has an ongoing problem with high pesticide residues. This is because the Chinese government used pesticides in the Changbai mountains (長白山) in order to protect the forests during the 1960's. In addition, local farmers use pesticides to reduce plant diseases due to insects and pests. In order to verify our ginseng's quality. Sun Ten has invested resources to develop an advanced laboratory testing facility to conduct analytic testing for heavy metals and pesticide residues in raw source materials. We also commission an international third party lab testing organization, SGS, to perform the testing. Sun Ten's ginseng does indeed meet the required safety standards proving the quality and safety of our ginseng is reliable and trustworthy.



Indentifying Ginseng’s Authenticity



Advanced Lab-testing Facilities


Selection of Six-year-old Ginseng Roots


The active constituents of ginseng roots are called ginsenosides. It has been determined that the total ginsenosides level of ginseng roots reach their peak at six years of age. After the seventh year; though the amount of ginsenosides may increase. the growth is very slow. In order to provide high quality and efficacy of their premium ginseng. Sun Ten selects only six-year-old ginseng with high levels of active constituents as their source material.



The Amount of Total Ginsenosides in Ginsengs of Different Ages




GAP Ginseng Cultivation Site


Sun Ten cooperates with reliable local herb material suppliers and with GAP certified growers in Jilin to obtain high quality ginseng. The entire production process is strictly monitored and controlled to ensure product safety for the end users.



Cultivation, Harvesting and Processing of Ginseng


Inferior Quality Ginseng


Ginsengs of inferior quality do not pass our safety standards as they may contain harmful ingredients. 

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Sun Ten Formulas That Contain Ginseng


Chinese Name

Pin-Yin Name

English Name



Li Zhong Tang

Ginseng & Ginger Combination



Ren Shen Dang Shao San

Ginseng & Dang Gui Formula



Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang

Ginseng Nutritive Combination



Ren Shen Xie Fei San

Ginseng & Scute Formula



Ren Shen Bai Du San

Ginseng & Mentha Formula



Ba Zhen Tang

Dang Gui & Ginseng Eight Combination



Shi Quan Da Bu Tang

Ginseng & Dang Gui Ten Combination



Shi Wei Xiang Ru Yin

Mosla Ten Combination



Shi Liu Wei Liu Qi Yin

Dang Gui Sixteen Herb Combination



Qi Wei Bai Zhu San

Seven Flavors Atractylodes Formula



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