Commonly Used Chinese Herb Formulas with Illustrations - Lotus Stamen Formula (Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan)


0804 金鎖固精丸 (Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan)


Lotus Stamen Formula


Metal Lock Pill to Stabilize the Essence




Chinese Name

Pharmaceutical Name

Pin Yin Name

English Name


Semen Astragali complanati

Sha Yuan Ji Li

Flatstem Milkvetch Seed


Semen Euryales

Qian Shi

Euryale Seed


Stamen Nelumbinis

Lian Xu

Lotus Stamen


Semen Nelumbinis

Lian Zi

Lotus Seed


Os Draconis

Long Gu

Dragon Bone


Concha Ostreae

Mu Li

Oyster Shell


Classic Literature Reference

Yi Fang Ji Jie (A Collection of Interpretations of Medical Prescriptions, 1682)

Compiler: Wang, Ang.



Traditional: Unconsolidation of the essence due to Kidney deficiency marked by chronic spermatorrhea, night sweats, restlessness, fatigue, lassitude, soreness and weakness in the extremities, lumbago, tinnitus or frequent urination and incontinence.


Modern: Sexual dysfunction, spermatorrhea, enuresis, incontinence of urine, nocturia, chyluria, chronic enteritis, bone fracture, and abnormal vaginal discharge.


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