New Launched Product - All Mightea

Recently the world faced Covid-19, here we want to share a wonderful tea that was once safeguard the people in Taiwan during the period of SARS, and we believe this tea could bring everyone safety and peace. 近日全球面臨新型冠狀病毒大流行,順天堂有一款很棒的平安茶,曾在SARS期間起到很好的免疫保護作用,希望在10多年後的今天也能幫助世界各地的各位,一同平安渡過此期間,祝福各位平安、健康、順心 !  # TAIWAN CAN HELP 

Sun Ten All Mightea 順天平安茶
★ 升防禦 : 魚腥草, 金銀花,野葛
★ 調體質 : 黃耆,桔梗,甘草
★ 助消化 : (廣)藿香,陳皮


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