2020/06/17 Online Webinar-Applying TCM herbs and Master Dong's acupuncture on endometriosis patients

We’ve got a better understanding on the treatment of infertility by TCM and acupuncture last month. There are still plenty of factors that may cause infertility and this is what we are going to talk about this month.
This time, our topic will focus on Endometriosis, one of the possible causes for infertility. Welcome Dr. Shan-Yu, Su, our graceful lecturer who specializes in combining TCM herbs with master Tung/Dong’s acupuncture, to continue her impressive lecture again.
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我們再次邀請到知名董氏針灸合併中藥應用的專家 蘇珊玉醫師來進行演講,一定讓您收穫滿載。

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