Say goodbye to plastic spoons! Stainless steel spoons new release!

This year, Sun Ten is making our first step to reduce plastic waste! One of the things we are doing right now is replacing plastic spoons with other materials. And we are happy to announce our new stainless steel spoons are ready to go! The change is expected to bring a significant plastic reduction. If we change all the 1g plastic spoons into metal (made of 2.9g plastic per spoon, sent out 500 thousand pieces a year), we can save up to 1450kg plastic annually. That is the weight of 9 adult green turtles! We believe that any action to save our nature environment, even it is tiny, can eventually bring our earth to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Now join us to save our earth!

全球減塑浪潮襲來! 順天堂首推不鏽鋼量匙!

順天堂今年踏出減塑第一步!我們首先會陸續把我們的塑膠湯匙轉換為環保材質,今年首推不鏽鋼,並預計可以為地球省下每年重達1450公斤的塑膠,幾乎是9隻成年綠蠵龜的重量! 雖然只是個小改變,但我們相信任何微小的環保受守護行動,都可以為我們的環境帶向更乾淨永續的未來,請大家一起共同響應守護地球!

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