2021 Merry Christmas!! 聖誕快樂!!

今年順天堂充滿了金光閃閃的氛圍,所以小編特別準備一張卡片送大家!欸,樹上金色的花是什麼呢... 沒錯!就是象徵我們75歲的石斛花唷!瞧,中藥植物是不是也可以很應景?祝大家聖誕節與接下來的新年快樂!

This year, Sun Ten is in the mood for a golden glory Christmas! Look closer on this shining Christmas Tree... can't you recognize some golden flowers on it? They're dendrobium flowers, a symbol of Sun Ten 75 years! We're happy to share our joy and love with everyone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

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