Update : "RespireAid" 臺灣清冠一號(NRICM101) - Pre-Order Round II in Europe 歐洲第二波預購熱銷中 & TGA Listed Medicine 取得澳洲藥品登記號碼


Feel free to contact us at respireaid@sunten.com.tw


Video : The pride of Taiwan - Tainocovior(NRICM101) for Covid-19 2020國醫節 清冠一號成果發表 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkGZ2-xc01k&feature=youtu.be

Video : 防疫戰 台灣首創新冠中藥水煎劑 八大民生新聞 2020092502


Video : 印度健康產業座談會-順天堂莊總經理介紹RespireAid(NRICM101)清冠一號


RespireAid product info, please click http://www.suntenglobal.com/_en/Products-Datain.php?id=585

Thank you very much :)

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