Where can I buy RespireAid?
What countries are RespireAid available in?
Where can I buy RespireAid? How much does it cost? Can it be delivered to my country of residence?
Does RespireAid have a current official drug license obtained from Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare?
What is NRICM101? What is the relationship between NRICM101 and RespireAid?
I hope to purchase one course of treatment in order to be prepared for the pandemic, how many packages constitute one course of treatment?
Does 2 sachet per day means taking 2 sachet at one time?
Is RespireAid only able to be dissolved in cold water?
Will the water temperature affect the effectiveness of RespireAid ?
Are there any restrictions to the consumption of RespireAid? Can it be taken by young children, elderly, or expecting mothers ?
I have no symptoms, yet I want to protect myself. Can I take RespireAid daily? For how long do I need to take it?
Will there be any side effects from the long term use of RespireAid ?
During seasonal changes, it’s easy to contract a cold or influenza, is it ok to take both All Mightea and RespireAid ?
For clinical use, is there any case that use both Western medicine and TCM to treat Covid 19 ?
If I request medicine with the same formula as RespireAid will if have the same effect? (pending prior discussion over use and public announcement)
Will the Maltodextrin in the RespireAid impact the blood glucose ?